Thursday, June 19, 2008

Urge Australian Red Cross to Stop Blood Ban!

Tasmanian gay activists are angered that the prohibition on homosexual men from donating blood still exists. Recently the laws have been changed to allow 16 year olds to donate blood without parental consent. The new laws however still prohibit gay/bisexual males from donating blood.

Contact Australian Red Cross Blood Service


Not Important said...

Let's not forget to hound the US FDA about this, as well. The Red Cross passes the buck here by pointing at the FDA as the source of the rule.

Anonymous said...

The ban exists in Australia concerning men who have had sex with at least one man in the last 12 months. If they have, they must wait until the time has passed. It's not as restrictive as it is in some countries (such as the United States) but it is still too severe for what the evidence shows.

The entry in the blog makes it seem like it is a blanket ban for gay and bisexual men giving blood.

Here's a look at what the policy is:

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