Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

Please feel free to share any Queer or Queer related blogs or websites that you have created or found interesting this week =)


Rainbow Demon said...

Hello QU... I've blogrolled you.
I have a nice little list in the sidebar at my other site: Scribe of Babylon if you feel like checking it out. Most are Queer, but not all...

Thanks for stopping by =CHS=.

p.s. I'll recommend Pinky Bear.

Mr. C (a.k.a. Clarence) said...

I've been blogging at my own blogspot (Undoing the Damage: Mr. C's Wild Ride) since January of this year. As silly as it sounds, after living the first 30+ years of my life in the closet, I'm still "finding myself" (I know--I wince when I read those words, too, but it's unfortunately true in my case). Been out now for about a dozen years & I'm still searching for the REAL me. My blog isn't always about GLBTQIA issues or about me specifically, but it's about those things that I find interesting and/or worth noting. It tends to have more than it's fair share of political stuff, but I think it's a nice mélange (I love using that word) that represents petty well what's going on in my head (and my heart).

You can find me at

Regarding "Shameless Self Promotion" Sunday, as Austin Powers would say, that's not usually "my bag, baby", but since you offered...


Mr. C (a.k.a. Clarence) said...


Of course in the above comment, petty = pretty.

God, I hope my Freudian slip isn't showing!


Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC, That's an awesome blog template you're using, RD. Did you create it yourself?

habladora said...

Hey, there - shamelessly self-promoting is totally my bag, so I'll go ahead and plug my post (here) on how Massachusetts has a new law that will help out queers families, and also a post (here) about how denying same-sex couples equal rights impacts immigration. Also, we're looking for some definitions of feminism that focus on intersectionality - so if anyone has some ideas on sexual orientation and feminism, or gender identity and feminism, etc and wants to guest post, drop me a line.

Angelia Sparrow said...

I'm a big fan of shameless self-promotion. As a small-press author, I have to be.

My blog-spot blog is The Den of Debauchery's Garden Gazebo and it's mostly about writing.

My LiveJournal is The Den of Debuachery's Sub-Annex and it's about everything from my family to politics to books and movies.

The Den of Debauchery is my website. I write GLBT romance, and have two new releases this week.

Rainbow Demon said...

Thanks ng, but I can't take the credit - I only "tweaked" it a bit. The main background is from a defunct gay site from before the millenium, and the post background is a re-worked Grateful Dead Bear theme.


Monica Roberts said...

TransGriot, which looks at transgender and GLB issues from an African-American and POC perspective.

Anonymous said...


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