Monday, June 9, 2008

Simple Ways to Be a Queer Activist

I want to give a shout out to this new blog Simply Queer and their great post on Queer Activism.

"1. Donate to Queer-Friendly Charities
One of the most silent, but highly important, ways to support the community is through financial support of queer initiatives. As always, make sure that the charity your are supporting is legit; ask to review their financial statements before committing dollars of your own.

2. Support Local Businesses Run by Queer Owners
There are a number of businesses worldwide which support a queer lifestyle, and they are easy to find thanks to internet resources. You can easily find a number of queer-friendly businesses to support by checking out the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, which runs a list of LGBT owned and friendly businesses in North America.

3. Write Letters to Businesses and Members of Government
The social freedoms which queer people have, limited as they may be, are almost all thanks to the generations of people who made an active political stance for LGBT lifestyles. While picketing and marches are important activities which have made real differences, the simple act of writing a letter or e-mail to those in political authority can make a substantial political impact. If an event occurs in your community which ruffles your queer-aware feathers, grab a pen and paper and speak your mind.

4. Know Who You Are Voting For
Do your research and vote! Support politicians who are committed to make a positive difference for the LGBT and other marginalized communities. Even for those of us who are especially shy about showing our rainbow stripes in public, the private act of voting makes a big public impact!

5. Affirm Others, Especially Strangers, Who Are Openly Queer
A couple summers ago, my girl and I were strolling hand-in-hand in Notting Hill, London, and a older gentleman in called out: "Girls holding hands. Never let go! Never let go!" Such seemingly small gestures of warmth from a complete stranger goes a long way in making people feel comfortable expressing their lifestyle in public. Next time you see a queer couple, don't be shy about showing them your pearly whites in affirmation!

Do you have any other suggestions for simple activism?"


Alexandra said...

Thanks very much for sharing this post! That's really sweet.

See you around!!

Goose said...

Love back! Rock on!

Queers United said...

My pleasure alexandra =) Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Wisconsin Queers under attack by Governor Walker. Legalizing descrimination based on sexual orientation for jobs.Been protesting for a week please help.

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