Sunday, June 22, 2008

California Residents: Volunteer to Defeat Marriage Amendment at Local Pride Parade!

Got this email...

"Equality For All's campaign to defeat the marriage ban in November is in full swing. Now we need your help to get our message out to voters.

What better place to start than at Pride celebrations across California?"

We need volunteers at the following Pride festivities:

Sacramento Pride

Saturday, June 21

San Francisco Pride
Sat, June 28th, 12-3 PM
Sat, June 28th, 3-6 PM
Sat Dyke March, June 28th, 3-7 PM
Sun parade, June 29th, 9-11 AM
Sun, June 29th, 12-3 PM
Sun, June 29th, 3-6 PM

LA Black Pride
Thurs-Sun, July 3-6

San Luis Obispo
Sun, July 6

Sat, July 12

Santa Barbara
Sat, July 12

San Diego
Fri-Sun, July 19-20

Volunteers will get training and a free "Vow to Vote No" t-shirt.

"Pride celebrations are our biggest opportunities before the vote in November to mobilize our supporters, and the Equality For All campaign needs your help. We need volunteers to circulate the festivals and parades, asking people to join the campaign to defeat the amendment by giving money or time."

Sign Up to Volunteer for Equality for All!


Miss Vicki said...

this is going to be our success, it's ours so deal with it anti gay folks called

Bill Graber said...

I can only second this and then subit it to Mixx

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