Friday, June 6, 2008

Counter the "Westboro Baptist Church" Anti-Gay Demo

The Westboro Baptist Church AKA "God Hates Fags" hate group is planning a demonstration to oppose same-sex marriage on June 17 when same-sex couples will begin being issued marriage licenses.

Tuesday, June 17, at
7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Contra Costa County Clerk’s office
555 Escobar St., Martinez, CA.

Anyone interested in a counter-demonstration? Show up and speak your mind.


Miss Vicki said...

all i can do is laugh they are really lost and crazy

Rainbow Demon said...

We've had success with the Silent Witness program here in PA that protects people by counter-demonstrating against incidents (and idiots) like this.


Queers United said...

RD I didn't know of such a program, that is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing the link.

Anonymous said...

My partner and I are getting married the end of this month, and bless her heart, last night she asked me if we had to announce publicly where we are having our ceremony. I held her gently, and told her no, we do NOT have to, and promised that if freddie were to show up, I'd be calling 911 to have that freak show arrested for disturbing a private ceremony.

Anonymous said...

we had a protest today in monterey, ca where the westboro baptist church members were supposed to show up and protest the military and the presidio here, but they never showed and we ended up just having a big spread-the-love fest instead, we stayed there from noon to 2:30 holding up love/support/etc signs and got an overwhelmingly good community response, not to mention at one point we had 100-ish people standing on the streetcorners with us.

counter protest. please.

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