Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vote NO on Florida "Amendment 2"

"The "Florida Marriage Protection Amendment" is slated to be voted on this November. If passed, the amendment will ban all recognition and benefits for unmarried couples, straight and gay. It will block civil unions, domestic partnership and repeal existing protections and family benefits relied upon by millions of Floridians."

Click below for a variety of ways you can help out, Florida resident or not. Such as (volunteering, donating, talking to friends & family, registering to vote, and pledging to vote no)


CrackerLilo said...

The thing that broke my heart is, some of my relatives back home signed that petition and will be voting for it.

They knew I wanted to marry at the Daytona International Speedway, too. They know *us*. I don't think I can ever quite forgive them.

Mr. C (a.k.a. Clarence) said...

I live in the Orlando area & I read an article in the Orlando Sentinel about a recent Quinnipiac poll that shows 58% of voters support Amendment # 2. I hold out hope that the more we talk about this amendment & the more we show & talk about the human faces that will be hurt by this hateful piece of legislation, the more hearts & minds we will change!

Also, as of 2006, any amendment to the Florida state constitution must garner over 60% of the vote instead of the regular 50+%, so at least the bar is raised a little higher now.

We just gotta FIGHT like our lives depend on it, because for AT LEAST THOSE OF US IN FLORIDA, it really does!

I also recently donated $20 to Fairness for All Families (who sponsors & they sent me a Vote No On 2 T-shirt, a stack of bumper stickers, some pins & some flyers. I plan on spreading the word with these campaign tools!

If you live in Florida, you can contribute to by visiting

Do it!

planet trans said...

Goverment has no right to dictate. Posted on the facebook cause Say No 2! by Florida Red and Blue

Queers United said...

yay =)

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