Saturday, June 28, 2008

Open Forum: Does the Media Ignore Us?

Right wing thinktanks and commentators so often talk about the "homosexual agenda" and the liberal media's love of all things gay. You would think there was some queer conspiracy with regards to the media with the way they talk.

Upon closer examination it appears the media is anything but gay friendly. Where was the coverage of the marriages in California? Sure, there was some but the story in my opinion was barely covered. I often hear reporters reference homosexuality by talking about the "gay lifestyle" or seem very uncomfortable or almost mocking and joking about gay lives. Is this the media that supposedly loves and is infatuated with gay people?

Does the media have a bias when it comes to reporting on Queer issues? Are we loved or ignored or treated just like everyone else?



libhom said...

The corporate media have rightist biases on all issues. Queer issues are no different.

Corporations benefit by prejudice because it keeps middle class and poor people so busy fighting each other that they don't have time or energy to fight back against corporations and their wealthy owners.

Diane J Standiford said...

I agree with libhom and to answer your ?---media ignores us unless there is a shock element.

Thalassa said...

i was teaching a class the day the california marriages were first performed. i walked past the student lounge a number of times during the day, and it seemed that every time i did CNN was covering the weddings. i know that's a small sample size, but it was a dominant theme for my viewing for that day.

Queers United said...

libhom and diane - i agree that its corporate run and unless there is a shock element they wont cover the story. its all about ratings.

thalassa im glad to hear that your experience was different. i kept flipping between cnn, fox, and msnbc and found very little to no coverage. but im glad you saw cnn covering it.

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