Saturday, August 2, 2008

Grossmont Union H.S. District Endorses Proposition 8

"The Grossmont Union High School District went on record yesterday supporting a November initiative that would ban same-sex marriage in California.

The board voted 4-0 to pass a resolution endorsing Proposition 8, which would amend the state Constitution to recognize marriage only between a man and a woman." (San Diego Tribune)

This bigoted move by the school district has zero to do with education and sends a message intolerance and bigotry to students, faculty, and the community.

Click here to contact the governing board, and superintendent.


CrackerLilo said...

How hateful towards the LGBT teens in that district, and any LGBT parents of students in that district as well.

Anonymous said...

What FREAKIN' business is it of theirs? busybodies.....

Queers United said...

just got this email from the school

"Our Resolution is an effort to protect traditional marriage and to send a clear message to judges who clearly, out of their own bias, overturned the will of the people. You should be more concerned about that.


Anonymous said...

I sent them this:
To the governing board and superintendent of Grossmont Union:

I'm really surprised to see a school taking a stand on Proposition 8. Why would a school, whose constituents are not of voting age, take any sort of stance on a ballot proposition unless it had something to do with schools? Marriage between same-sex couples doesn't seem to have anything to do with academics or young people, so I wonder why you went out of your way to make your bigotry known in such a weirdly inappropriate context. I can understand if you wanted to get together and be bigots at your local church or at your local Pussy & Beer manly macho dining establishment, but really? At a school? All of a sudden, people like me who have never heard of Grossmont Union before are sitting here scratching their heads wondering who you are and why you are making such a public display of your ignorance, bringing up gay sex in front of a bunch of kids. Frankly, my experience has shown that the people most vehemently opposed to gays are closet queers themselves; honestly, why would you ever give a second thought to gay people—dwell on them, go out of your way to think about them so long and hard that you need to make a school board resolution about them—unless you were kinda gay? If you were really straight, you wouldn't want to think about gay people, let alone admit to the world that you're talking about them at great lengths behind closed doors.

Anyway, congratulations on getting your names in the papers. You certainly got my attention, you bunch of close-minded closet cases.


Julia Wells
Los Angeles, CA

They just wrote me back:

I will be brief..."constituents" by definition is one who authorizes
another to act as agent...
that would be the voters, not the students, who elected board members
that they agree with and look to them to support the values of their

Proposition 22 was overwhelmingly passed in our district. The will of
the people by that vote was overturned by radical judges,
unconstitutionally, to ...get their names in the paper?

Prop 8 is a constitutional amendment to protect what the voters
supported...I am sorry you have a problem with Prop 8.
I suggest you take a look at all the junk bills that come out of SAC
that have nothing to do with running the State.

Priscilla Schreiber

Queers United said...

Julia - great email, and so very true. Ms. Schreiber did not do justice to your email. She can't, she has no logical explanation as to why a school should or should not endorse prop 8. This school board is out of touch.

brady said...

It is with dismay that I read of your support of Prop 8. If you put the students of your district first you could never have come to this conclusion. For the sake and health of your students you should let go of your own private agendas and do what is best for the kids in your district. Supporting Prop 8 tells your gay and Lesbian students that they are worth less than other students in your district based solely on their sexual orientation. Could you ever come to such a conclusion based on race or level of intelligence? Telling gay and Lesbian students that they are worth less than others will not change their sexual orientation; it will only create a negative self-image and affect their mental health.

The judges involved in this decision are simply enforcing the constitution of the state by saying that a group of law-abiding citizens can not be arbitrarily discriminated against. If you are basing your ideas on the Bible, which is not a legally binding document and does not supersede the constitution of our state or of our country, you should support slavery, oppose usury, enforce the dietary restrictions called for in the Bible, and put women in a submissive public role without the right to vote or hold public office. I notice that at least one of the members to whom this is addressed is a woman. If you are basing your ideas on U.S. history, you will notice that our traditions are not static; at one time or another women were not allowed to vote, slavery and indentured servitude were legal, and blacks and whites were not allowed to intermarry. You will find yourselves on the wrong side of history.

You might argue that your constituents are the voters but surely you recognize that the well-being of the students in your care is of paramount importance. If you knew of a parent's physically abusing a child or driving drunk with a child in the car would you not act? Yet you are content to tell certain students that they are second-class citizens. Is it wrong to beat up or kill a second-class citizen? Where do you draw the line? Regardless of your beliefs you must begin to put your students first.

brady said...

I was unclear in the preceding post but it is a letter that I sent to the Grossmont Union HS Board.

Queers United said...

Brady thanks for clarifying and sending them a message.

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