Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

Please feel free to share any links to Queer or Queer related topics of interest. You can post a blog entry you made, a website you found interesting. Anything goes as long as it is Queer in nature.


Not Important said...

Check out my tale of woe from last year here. The update is that everything is OK now.

Thanks for the opportunity to blogw__re.

Anonymous said...

I've been writing a blog about asexuality.
Musings on an Asexy Theme

Lea said...

I don't know if you're into comics, but queer representation has been a hot-button issue for us (and those other guys) for years, decades actually. Sometimes it appears alongside other issues of representation E.G. women, POC (people of color), PWD (people with disabilities) etc. There are some good blogs and websites that cover matters of interest to queer comics fen, and the history of queer characters in comics is really fascinating.

Here are some links:

Anonymous said...

Found this interesting link:

Queers United said...

Gdad - I remember reading that a while back and still find those adoption folks offensive being what they put your through.

lea & pretzel - thanks for sharing your links

preset - the guy who owns that hotel is Mr. Manchester he owns 3 hotels. Californians Against Hate has been key in waging boycott against his hotels.

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