Friday, September 19, 2008

Bisexual Pride Day!

Celebrate Bisexuality Day held on Sept 23rd is vastly approaching us. It is a day to highlight the accomplishments of bisexual people, increase bi visibility, and embrace bisexual history and culture. Whether you are a bisexual or an ally you can make a difference on behalf of the B in LGBT. Bisexual Pride Day was conceived as a way to seperate from general LGBT pride because of the bisexual erasure that often takes place.

Do you plan on doing anything for Celebrate Bisexuality Day? Come out, speak out, be out and proud!


Laurie said...



Anonymous said...

Thankfully!!! I just hope that I can get through the day without boxing anyone's ears!

genevieve said...

I pray that your day is one of pride and accomplishment. I am a transgender woman who loves bisexual people. I will support your efforts whereever needed.

MoonRaven said...

Thanks again for being such a good ally to bi folks, and especially pointing out the need for bisexual visibility to combat 'bisexual erasure'.

Anonymous said...

im bi and this is an awesome day!!

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