Monday, September 8, 2008

No Karaoke for Trans-Woman?

"A transgendered woman who says a Connecticut bar refused to allow her to sing on a karaoke night has filed a complaint with the state Liquor Commission.

Michelle Merrill says a manager at the Skyline Restaurant in Windsor Locks would not let her sing on Aug. 22 because she is a transsexual. The 35-year-old Enfield resident was born a male and began sex-change procedures 10 years ago.

Merrill says the manager told her other patrons complained that she used the women’s bathroom and he didn’t want people like her in the bar.

The restaurant’s owner, Gina Pastula, denied the discrimination allegation. She declined to name the manager working that night.

A Liquor Commission official confirmed that a complaint has been filed but declined further comment." (Queers Without Borders)

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Nicky said...

I have seen the article in my state and from what I have heard is that this person has used the woman's bathroom and made other women feel uncomfortable because he entered a woman's bathroom dressed like a woman. He also wanted to sing but he too made the patrons feel uncomfortable as well.

Here's the link to the article with the picture of what this person looks like.

Queers United said...

She should be allowed to use any bathroom she wants. I don't understand why other women would be uncomfortable, just goto a stall do your business and leave.

T. R Xands said...

*blink* Uh, wow. Really?


Nicky said...

I think from the story, it said that the female patrons were complaining that he looked to manly to be in a woman's bathroom and that he made women feel uncomfortable. Being from Ct, I have seen the story and that I saw what he looks like. He also claimed that it's taking 10 yrs to transition.

Sabertooth Screaming Lemur said...

Um, not to nitpick, but isn't it considered more polite to use the pronoun that the person in question is trying to present as? As in, a MtF would be called "she", especially if she's 'wearing a dress and using the ladies' room'. So please stop using 'he' to refer to Ms. Merrill, it's disrespectful and kinda rude.
And as for looking too manly, my partner- a cisgendered butch dyke- has been met by a cop when coming out of the ladies' room a few times, apparently for looking 'too manly' to be in there. She now uses the men's room with no problem. Both Ms. Merrill and my partner have the same right to go where they please and use the bathroom they feel comfortable using, no matter what's in their underwear.
If people are uncomfortable with trans* folk, the problem is their attitudes, not trans* people.

Queers United said...

I agree with Sabertooth, Nick I know you are an intersex activist and do not consider yourself a trans activist. Please be respectful of others regardless of what your own personal opinions are on GID.

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