Thursday, September 25, 2008

Queering Up History: Sept 25th

Queer Events On This Day In History...

1791 As part of the French Revolution, France adopts a new law code which decriminalized sodomy by making no mention of sex between consenting adults.

1969 Six teens in London beat a gay man to death with clubs. A London newspaper published a statement by "fag basher" who stated that beating up queers is safe because they can't go to the police.

1983 Paul Jacobs, a pianist with the New York Philharmonic, dies of complications from AIDS at age 53.

1989 Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor says she is afraid of going to jail because "they are all lesbians in jail, and I'm so scared of lesbians." She also implies that the officer who arrested her did so only because he was gay and jealous of her beauty.

1993 Twenty-two members of Lesbian Avengers protests at the dedication of Focus on the Family's $30 million headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Three are arrested. Convicted Watergate figure Charles Colson, a featured speaker at the dedication, said that the battle to defeat the "gay agenda" "makes Watergate look like child's play."

1997 In the San Francisco Examiner, aging evangelist Billy Graham is quoted as saying "Their lifestyle, I'm going to quote from the Bible, is a sin. But why jump on that sin? There are worse sins."

2005 Allison Brewer becomes the first out lesbian to lead a political party in North America as she is elected to lead the left-leaning New Democratic Party in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

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