Sunday, September 14, 2008

Queering Up History: Sept 14th

"Queer Events On This Day In History...

1969 In New York City, the Gay Activist Alliance protests police harassment by staging a "zap" of Mayor John Lindsay.

1971 The first gay organization in Canada's capitol, Ottawa, is formed.

1979 In the small Canadian town of Smeaton, Saskatchewan, an education arbitration board orders teacher Don Jones reinstated to the teaching job from which he was fired for being gay.

1989 AIDS activists disrupts the New York stock market trading to protest the high cost of AZT.

1990 A gay man in Denver Colorado is brutally beaten while walking his dog. Nearly every bone in his body was broken, and his dog was also beaten.

1992 The Cambridge Massachusetts city council approves a domestic partner registry.

1994 Mica England settles a lawsuit with the Dallas police department out of court for $73,000. She had been denied a job as a police officer because she was a lesbian."

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