Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Daily Show Makes Inappropriate Reference to "Trannys"

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart typically defends and portrays LGBT people in a positive light. The recent segment on Sept 17th was an inappropriate way to refer to transgender people. The clip can be seen here and John Stewarts says "tranny" 2:30 seconds into the program.

QueerToday is urging us to contact The Daily Show. They point out that "Jon Stewart makes a really gross statement to the effect that trans people are ridiculous hilarious and, most of all, deceptive".

E-Contact Form for Comedy Central

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Xander Mac said...

Yes, let's all be exceedingly, chillingly correct. Leave him alone! He's not the enemy. If you shit on your friends for not being perfect, you will soon have none. There are plenty of real causes out there, and if you need reminded, we're in the middle of AN ELECTION. Christ. Get a sense of perspective.

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