Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Gayborhood"

A "gayborhood" is usually located in an urban area and is a section of the city that is well known for having a substantial LGBT population. Signs of a gayborhood would be queer bars/clubs, gay owned and operated restaurants, sex shops, bathhouses, rainbow flags abound, LGBT bookstores and businesses, queer affirming congregations and institutions as well as an LGBT community center.

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Laurie said...

OH who are the people in your gayborhood,
in your gayborhood. In your gayborhood...
(Remember when Bob from Sesame Street would
sing the song 'Who are the people in your
Sorry, that's the first song to pop into my
head. Ok really not the first because I have
been singing 'Pocket full of sunshine' in
it all morning.


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