Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tell Governor to Sign AB 2567 Harvey Milk Bill

ACTION ALERT: Call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Tell him to sign the Harvey Milk Bill.

The right wing has turned up the heat, flooding Gov. Schwarzenegger's office with an overwhelming number of calls opposing our bill that would honor LGBT hero Harvey Milk with a special day of remembrance.

We need to match their calls NOW if we want the bill to be signed.


Press 1 for English
(or 2 for Spanish)
Press 2
Press 1 for AB 2567
Press 1 again to voice support.

AB 2567 would have no fiscal impact to the state and would honor an important figure in the civil rights movement, in the same way that we honor other great leaders with state days of special significance. CALL NOW!

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger E-Contact Form


planet trans said...

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is only as progressive as the demands of voter demands dictate.

Queers United said...

Kelli that is very true, somehow I have a bad feeling he will veto this. Lets put the pressure on him folks!

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