Friday, September 12, 2008

The Dishonor Roll When it Comes to Prop 8

Thanks to Californians Against Hate, we now know the top 10 contributors who are seeking to stop marriage equality in the state of California.

Knights of Columbus, New Haven, CT $1,275,000

National Organization for Marriage,
Princeton, NJ

John Templeton, Bryn Mawr, PA
John Templeton Foundation, Chairman/President

Fieldstead & Company, Irvine, CA

American Family Association, Tupelo, MS

Elsa Prince, Holland, MI

Focus On the Family, Colorado Springs, CO

Terry Caster & Family, San Diego, CA

Dorothy Nielson, La Verne, CA

Doug Manchester, San Diego, CA
Manchester Financial Group, LLC, Chairman

Goto Californians Against Hate for a listing of hundreds of individuals and businesses who seek to eliminate equality for LGBTQIA couples.


Landlady of Fat said...

Wonderful. Makes me so unproud to be from Connecticut. WTF?? It's not even our state!

I'm so writing a letter to the paper.

Queers United said...

It is a shame that hate is spread in the name of religion. Tina regardless of whether you are catholic or not it may help to say that you are and will not donate and tell friends/family to not donate to Knights of Columbus. Thanks for your activism!

Chino Blanco said...

Sorry, this is O/T:

Ron Prentice Gets Rich Fighting Gay Marriage

Ron Prentice is CEO of the California Family Council and Chairman of, the committee behind Prop 8 (the folks working to ban gay marriage in California).

Ron is set to be be honored at the Values Voter Summit 2008 (September 12-14) with Focus on the Family Action's Family Champion Award.

Justin McLachlan has broken a major story in the Proposition 8 battle: California Family Council contributions have mostly been spent on the generous salaries that Ron pays himself and his staff.

So far, there’ve been about a dozen news and blog pieces that have appeared online referencing Justin’s research into Ron Prentice and his shady management of donor funds.

Folks volunteering for and making contributions to the “Yes on 8″ campaign should be aware that the operatives running the show have a track record of using contributions to generously reward themselves.

Ily said...

More than half of those aren't from our state! That's just so wrong! So, what should we do with this information?

Queers United said...

Ily I am glad you asked. I think the best thing we can do is well obviously not support any of those organizations. But also, to not support the businesses of individual donors on the list and let them know you won't support because of that donation. There are hundreds so I couldn't possibly list them all but they are on the site CAH.

Anonymous said...

It does not surprise me in the least about the listing of anti-gay organizations, one is in the town I grew up in, and is a relatively wealthy family.

People wonder why I don't return there, well, that's the reason. Anti-gay nutcases abound there.

Anonymous said...

Mormon $ are now at 35% of the Yes donations, and that is just the sum of those donations … It could be higher. Is there a fundamental question here: Is a religious institution trying to buy this election and change the California Constitution.???

We know they have been going door-to-door for more than a month to attempt to place 1 million lawns signs in California neighborhoods the last few weeks of September …but right now they are claiming on various websites that LDS members account for more than one-third of donations to Yes on 8…you might want to check it out…

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