Sunday, September 14, 2008

Web Spotlight: Lesbiatopia

Today's web spotlight and shout out goes to Lesbiatopia. It is a wonderful blog full of political news as well as pop culture happenings relevant to the LGBT community. In their own words they are "strong enough for the GLBTQI community, but PH balanced for Lesbians." It is a wonderful blog I have been frequenting for months now and encourage you all to head on over.


Anonymous said...


I just went over there, and got to read a rant which pulled out the old bisexual stereotypes. I'm married, monogamous, I would never try to trap someone, or use a person as a sex toy. WHY do people keep on saying stuff like that?


Bill Graber said...

Thanks for the good word Eric...

and wilksl... not sure what you are referring to.

Anonymous said...

This. Read the last several paragraphs. :( I realize that it's a rant, but... just wow.

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