Saturday, September 20, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Sissyphobia"

"Sissyphobia" is a term used to describe people who fear or hate effeminate men AKA sissies. The term is similar to homophobia but is instead focused on a fear of the gender identity as opposed to the sexual orientation of the individual.


Barry Floore said...

hey! I just referenced you and this word in my latest blog!!! i love this!

can we also use it to reference gay men who, although they may engage in man-on-man sexual activities, have a fear of "femme" gay men??? (you know, the typical 'r u masc' online conversation?)

Queers United said...

thank you queer for referencing it. I think the term can be applied to anyone who exhibits fear or hatred towards effeminate men even if they themselves are gay/bi.

Anonymous said...

The word Sissyphobia is also the title of a book by Tim Bergling. it's worth reading.

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