Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dish Network Finally Offers LOGO

UPDATE: We’re pleased to report that satellite provider Dish Network, the only major television carrier to not offer Logo, has added the 24/7 LGBT network to its HD line-up. Dish HD customers can now get Logo on channel 373.

Dish Network remains the sole national carrier of Free Speech TV, the somewhat radical, left-wing alternative network that airs Gay USA, a weekly hard-news show, and other gay-friendly programs.

The HD package that offers Logo costs $20 per month, and includes MGM HD and HD Movie Net, both of which air many classic films, all shown uncut (Truth Wins Out).

2/6/09: Dish Network which bills itself as the leader in satellite home entertainment, and offers virtually all channels available, seems to be having an issue getting LGBT channels.

It seems suspicious, especially in light of the company voting down an anti-discrimination bill a few months ago.

The 24/7 LGBT channel LOGO which is part of the Viacom Network is not included, even though they renewed their contract with DISH Network and now offer channels such as MTV, MTV 2, BET, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. Here! TV another gay channel is supposed to be offered, but a reader has tipped me off to the fact that they say it is not available even though the here! website says it is only available through a special online subscription, it is nowehere to be found on the Dish Network website.

So if they don't want to have an anti-discrimination bill for their gay employees, and they don't want to offer gay tv, do they want gay customers?

E-contact form for Dish Network.

Phone: (303) 723-1000


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see this post. I have asked my customer service representatives at DISH to carry a gay network, and how do I access the one they are suppose to be carrying.

I just got a coupon in the mail for another service provider and figure I will give DISH a couple of weeks, and if nothing changes, I will be going to a provider that offers me LOGO or HERE.

I might get what I want, get a few months free, and not provide DISH with my money.


P.S. I did cancel my HBO, even though I LOVE True Blood. I was a little offended that HBO lied when its representatives said they would air Bishop Robinson's prayer. They didn't, they didn't release it to news networks,and I felt that slap again..right across the face.

Anonymous said...

I had Dish Network and I am not surprised. They have the worst and most dishonest customer service dept. I ever had the misfortune of dealing with. My partner is Hispanic and we tried the Spanish line, they were equally as bad. Get Direct tv if you want satellite. They have LOGO and much better service.

Anonymous said...

And this is the very reason why I still subscribe to Comcast cable services because at least they have the LOGO network. I don't know what's taking so long for the Dish to catch up with the times, but until they do, I can promise that they won't be getting my money anytime soon.

T. R Xands said...

I'm with Ray, Comcast isn't awesome but Dish sucks quite a bit more in my opinion. We still have Comcast for a couple of other reasons, mostly because Dish seems against carrying ANY good channels *blink*

Anonymous said...

I always suspected as much. Below is the e-mail I just sent to them

I was going to return to DISH from Comcast but I was until 1. I called last week and was told unless I waited a full 6 months from cancelling I would charged a service fee (fee waived for new customers/returning customers after 6 mos absence). I found this odd as would you not want to encourage people to return and not discourage? 2. After asking your reps for years (via e-mail and voice) for gay networks such as HERE! and LOGO you have not added them. In addition your company recently voted down an anti-gay policy.

It doesn't matter if I am straight, gay, bisexual or whatever. Your company is clearly discriminatory and you will not be getting my money again anytime soon, unless YOU change.

Anonymous said...

We will be switching to UVerse which offers LOGO and Here.

Anonymous said...

I've always felt a bit guilty since we switched to DirecTV knowing their Newscorp connections. When LOGO was first to debut, I called them and challenged them asking if they would be taking LOGO. They said they would take it under consideration. And you know what? I believe they carried it on Day One when LOGO premiered.

I've considered moving to DISH for the aforementioned DirecTV/Newscorp thing, but knowing this, I absolutely will stay put and let everybody I know what's up.

thehostess said...

thanks for the heads up on this-got it set up for an Outskirts post tomorrow.

libhom said...

I now know not to patronize Dish Network.

Anonymous said...

I know dishnetwork USED to have the Here channel when I was with Dish up until the past 3 years. as I did order a few movies from them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is just awful. I, unfortunately, am still in high school, and have got no say in what my parents get. As of two days ago I had DirecTV, and when I heard the news that we were switching to Dish Network, and my immediate response was: I hope they carry logo. My thoughts were sound, I imagined this sattellite company to be good, even exceed DirecTV, perhaps. This is not the case. We had it installed, saw all of its new pretty features, I was most excited to have the DVR. Then, as I flipped through the channels, I noticed there was something missing. I went online to discover if it was in the near future, and I've read a lot of dreary message boards concerning the fact that it is virtually unrealistic. Technically, I do not yet pay the sattallite company money, but no less, the channel was really all I watched on t.v, oddly, the channel that made me come to terms with my sexuality. Trust me, being a gay teenager in wyoming, you need that channel. Hah, that was odd, but, anyhow, is there any inkling of a chance that it might, at some point, seep its way into Dish Network's f*cking programming?

Anonymous said...

LOGO is finally on Dish Network as of this 5/8/2009 - Channel 373. It is an HD channel, so you will need a newer HD Dish receiver and the PlatinumHD add-on package.

Anonymous said...

LOGO is finally on Dish Network as of 5/8/2009 - Channel 373. It is an HD channel, so you will need a newer HD Dish receiver and the PlatinumHD add-on package.

Unknown said...

Why is it in the HD package though. All other carriers have it in a basic package. Why should we have to pay the extra $20 to get this. I actually sent the following letter to the executive team at Dish:

Dear Sirs/Madams:

I recently left DirecTV to join Dish Network. I thought your equipment was better and pricing structure was cheaper (We all need to save where we can during these times). One issue that I have ran across that no one can seem to get an answer about is the issue of the Logo channel being in an add on High Definition (HD) package that makes it not worth the cost to add this channel on. I would like to know why this is, especially when all other providers have it in some form of basic package bundle? Is this discrimination? Please help me to understand this. I have a call in to a friend at the logo channel. He said he does not believe they are going HD at this time. He is checking this out for me.

If the issue was that you did not want a gay content channel in a normal package, you could have at lease had the channel a la carte. $10 dollars for this add on HD channels that nobody really wants is ridiculous. Even DirecTV only has that add package, minus Logo, for $4.99.

Based on the outcome of my investigation, I will decide if it is best to return to DirecTV, which does not seem to discriminate if that is truly what is going on here. I do not want to accuse Dish of this falsely, this is why I am doing a thorough investigation on the matter.

Thanks for assistance with this issue and I look forward to your response.

Anonymous said...

I moved up to the Dish Network Silver Package with HD. I now have logo. :)

Anonymous said...

So basically they are still NOT offering LOGO to their mainstream LGBT customers. This is still not acceptable as I am unable to get HD in my home via Dish Network with my current setup. Why can't they just offer it with all their other packages instead of forcing people to buy their more expensive HD package? FIOS, Time warner and DirectTV do not force you to pay an additional HD fee to watch LOGO. Loony Christians don't have to pay the extra HD fee to view the 7 or so religious channels Dish Network has to offer, why should the LGBT community.

andrylofez said...

Great news i got from this blog.i didn't know that the dish network provides logo.

Anonymous said...

dish use to be a good company but they have fallen short lately you have to have HD plat to get logo and the want to charge u to upgrade and that is just wrong I just move one of my dish account to comcast that has logo and will move my other one as soon as contract is up

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