Monday, September 15, 2008

Boycott and Contact Anti-Gay Bahrain!

Bahrain has begun a new campaign targeting gay/lesbian citizens in a bid to cleanse them from the country. The government is working to ban all foreign homosexuals from being able to obtain residence. The government is also conducting a study to see how widespread homosexuality is in the country and what can be done to counter it. The government also advises teachers to look out for signs of homosexuality amongst students and to take appropriate disciplinary action.

This is outrageous and our voices must be heard!

Click here to email the Economic Development Board

(The EDB is responsible for business and tourism within the country)


Bianca James said...

Please check out my interview with Shawn from Transamerican Love Story!


Bianca James said...
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Queers United said...

How did you manage to score that interview that is pretty cool? I hope that it works out for Shawn and Callie.

Anonymous said...

well this isnt new in bahrain considiring homosexuality is regarded as a mental illness and public display is punishable by imprisonment for 10 years and for expatriates deportation. we have no rights here if i come out i will be commited to a mental hospital and if i refuse treatment then prosecution. so nothing can be done my friend

Queers United said...

Money talks afnan, we must keep up the pressure on them as a collective group of sexual & gender minorities.

Laurie said...

Good thing I don't plan on leaving this
country anytime soon to visit there.


Ily said...

That's scary!

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