Thursday, December 18, 2008

Transgender - What Does it Mean?

The following is a great video explaining what it means to be transgender and covering many terms related to the gender-variant community. Great resource, for trans people and allies.

Please copy the html code at the bottom and post to myspace or your site/blog and beyond so we can educate people about trans-folk.


Dreki said...

Where did the narrator get his pronunciations from? A lot of them seem a bit off from what I'm familiar with.

Queers United said...

Not sure, which pronunciations are you referring to? I watched the video a few days ago, but one or two seemed off to me. Overall I think the video was good.

Dreki said...

Androgyne was the one I remember most. There were a few others, too.

Queers United said...

Yes, I remember that one was weird. It sounded a bit alien, and I never pronounce it that way.

Nicky said...

That video is all wrong. I have to disagree with that that video says. The fact that intersex is not transgender, they are conflating the two and mixing up intersex with transgender.

shrink on the couch said...

She pronounces androgyne like androgyny(an-drodge-en-e) AND andro-gyne (guy-n). The latter being a noun (someone who embodies both masc & feminine characteristics, or someone who displays neither as the dominant gender... and androgyny as the state of being an androgyne

Do I have that right?

Angelia Sparrow said...

I don't have streaming video capacity on my stone-knife-and-bearskin computer, but I do have a question for anyone who might be interested in answering.

I write.
I have two novellas where there is some gender variance.

In one, a character lives as a man, to the point of shaving daily and peeing standing up. When she has sex, she bottoms as a man for men, and only kisses women. Once she is discovered to be female, she is very female, if very butch. Would this be considered simply cross-dressing or gender-queer.

In the other, a young man has been raised female since early childhood. Because of delicate features and women's fashion (wimples hide much), he is able to pass. Even after revealing he is indeed the late king's son, he continues to live as a woman to the point of remaining married to his beloved earl. Is this plausible? Could this be considered transgender?

Queers United said...

I think a lot of gender variance can be considered transgender, because cross-dressing and genderqueer also fall under the trans umbrella.

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