Monday, June 16, 2008

Objection to DSM-V Committee Members on "Gender Identity Disorders"

We are close to reaching 10,000 on the petition to remove Dr. Zucker, Blanchard, and Lawrence from the work group on Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders in the task force for preparing DSM-V, which will be the next version of the APA's diagnostic manual. Read more about the reason these transphobic doctors need to be removed here.

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Nicky said...

I would rather they keep transgender and GID in the hands of Psychologist and leave the intersex in the hands of the endocrinologist. I don't want some psychologist messing around with the intersex and muscling in on the endocrinology's business.

we intersex are very happy with the endocrinology group and don't want any psychologist taking over it. we intersex would rather let the psychologist take control of the transgender and GID people.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a marriage of the two as Transsexuality is sometimes in particular individuals an intersexed condition and does require the services of both - what we all need to remember is that if we have the right advocates a medical condition need not be stigmatized. Its good to see the petition growing - in the end its up to the individual - the issue is access to good care, for ALL. De pathogizing what social constructs abound - and live and let live. It is a a sad thing that the psych field created so much mischief with the intersexed. This too is gonna be addressed - together we can liberate all of US. I signed the petition at under 200 this is great - at least they know WE are watching. History shows that helps.

Anonymous said...

I notice that the petition against this committee has been closed as of 7 july 08 standing only at 9535 signatures, short of the 10000 goal. No explanation given, no further news available on the web re the usefulness of the petition or if anything has been achieved thru it. Does anybody here know the latest news? Christina Engela

Queers United said...

No idea Christina but I suppose if the person who created the petition does not send it to the APA one could personally email them with the link to show the 9,000+ sigs

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