Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please Act Now to End the HIV Travel and Immigration Ban

Please join Gay Men's Health Crisis in fighting the HIV travel & immigration ban.

"What do terrorists, money launderers, child smugglers and people living with HIV have in common? They're all automatically banned from entering the United States.

After more than twenty years, this outrageous ban against HIV travelers and immigrants needs to go. Today all but 13 countries have recognized the injustice of such a ban: Iraq, China, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Moldova, Russia, Armenia, South Korea and the United States. Tell your senators to listen to the facts and stand up for the rights of people with HIV."

Click here to contact your representatives!

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Alexandra said...

Hey Eric,
I've never heard of this ban...that's absolutely insane! Wow. Thanks for getting this coverage. We need to spread the word about this, because I don't think many people know.
(Again, I'm proud to be Canadian!!)

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