Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Put Away That Remote - TiVo Signs up For Bigotry!

UPDATE: The contest has been pulled from the TiVo website. TiVo has been feeling heat from activists, thanks guys! Focus on the Family still has the contest on their site. Stay tuned for updates and keep up the pressure on TiVo to make sure their partnership ends with FOTF for now and for good!

We told you about TiVo's Super Dad Contest and how their partnership with right-wing group Focus on the Family which is notoriously anti-LGBT will not allow for submissions of gay/bi/queer/trans dad entries.

Contact TiVo and tell them to drop the right-wing hate group "Focus on the Family" and be inclusive of all families.

*Photo courtesy of manu contreras off of Creative Commons.


Alexandra said...

Your up on my blogroll...and I've put a link to this important means of "simple activism" on the comments for my post yesterday!

Thanks for all your support!

Queers United said...

thanks alex, much appreciated =)

CrackerLilo said...

Damn it. We really like our TiVo. Thank you...*sigh*

Not Important said...

I just submitted the following letter.

I've been a TiVo subscriber for a long time. I'm very disappointed that TiVo has decided to partner with the bigoted hate group, Focus on the Family, to promote a Fathers Day giveaway. There are many organizations that celebrate families and fathers in ways that do not exclude others or display animosity toward LGBTQ people and families, such as my partner and me with our son.

I've never before had any reason to question your corporate values. Please reconsider your position with respect to this organization as I consider my continued subscription to TiVo's service.

GDad Lastname

Miss Vicki said...

Every time I read this and the words Focus on the Family - it brings up hate, they're like Phelps to me.

Queers United said...

Cracker - I also like TiVo but even if you don't outright boycott, a letter of anger is always helpful.

Gdad - Thanks so much for writing them, and including your info as a subscriber to their service.

Miss Vicki - "Focus on the Family" is a crock shit name IMHO, why arent they focusing on our families? Queer Rights are FAMILY VALUES DARNIT =)

Unknown said...
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planet trans said...

Thank you United Queer for your kind words and adding me to your blog roll, I added you to mine. It was your great writing that brought us together!
Great deal, having this link. I sent this note ;

I am a Transgender woman and identify as queer. It has come to my attention that you have a close relationship with Focus on the family.
This is a hate group that maintains a facade of goodwill. It espouses hate and ill will through out our communities. I ask that you terminate your relationship with Focus.
I also ask that your company initiates a LGBT friendly policy.
Kelli Busey

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