Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thank Jay Leno for his Stance on Marriage Equality

Comedian Jay Leno has come out publicly in favor of same-sex marriage according to

"Talk show host Jay Leno showed up at the symbolic mass commitment ceremony at the Abbey in West Hollywood Wednesday night to show his support for gay marriage.

Leno - who several times has been criticized for being insensitive towards LGBT people on his late night talk show - said he didn't understand why people are concerned about gays being allowed to marry.

Daily News' Greg Hernandez interviewed Leno at the even:

Greg: What made you decide to be here?
Jay: I have friends in the gay community, I mean we live in Hollywood. Who doesn't know gay people in Hollywood? So, they asked me to come down and I said, 'Sure!' I mean, what's everybody afraid of?"

Greg: What do you think about gay marriage in California and all that's happened in the last few weeks?
Jay: "Well, I come from Massachusetts and they have it there and the sky didn't fall in, everyone seems to be fine. It's one of those things where it's a matter of time, you sort of ease into it and you see what happens."

Greg: Do you have any friends who you want to see married?
Jay: Oh, I have a lot of gay friends. We have a couple of gay couples at 'The Tonight Show' who've been together 7,8,9 years. Whether they want to get married or not...Well, the nice thing about gay marriage is you have TWO people excited about the wedding. In straight marriages, only one person is excited. Gay marriage, both persons are excited.

"But you know what's so funny to me, it's how people miss out on the economic benefits just in terms of catering and flowers and planning. The services that come with it. I see all the companies that have benefited from gay travel. If you look at it, gay people have probably the most disposable income of any group and the businesses that cater to them do very well. So it just seems like common sense. Gas is four bucks a gallon. For me to worry about what Larry and Bob are doing seems sort of ridiculous.

Greg: If (Sen. John) McCain came on your show, would you ask him about gay marriages?
Jay: Yeah. I know what he would say because that's sort of what you have to say. But I think things gradually change and that's what happens. Obviously when you put people on the spot and you confront them and you stick a mic in their face, well, they're gonna say one thing. I don't know what would happen if he become president but I know that you just have to kind of ease into these things. Like I said in Mass., people just got married, no protests, no parade. Just, 'Oh, OK. Life went on."

Greg: Were we too hard on you over the whole Ryan Phillippe thing? (Leno was blasted for asking the actor to give him his "gayest look" while guesting. He later apologized for any offense)
Jay: "That seemed a little over the top to me, I have to admit. Only because it was not my intention. When I've had straight actors on who've played sexy roles, I'll say, 'Give me your sexiest face.' So, when I said it to Ryan, we had said he's a kid from a Baptist community who was now playing a gay part and I said, 'OK, now give me your gayest look' knowing he wouldn't do it. You laugh and OK fine. Obviously it upset some people. Hey loo, I'm an entertainer, sometimes you annoy people, you make people mad. Alright, that happens. But, I really think there are bigger issues than that. That's a classic case where you're not talking about morality or lifestyle, you're just talking about silly stuff."

Contact Jay Leno to Thank Him for His Pro-Equality Position


Anonymous said...

Wow, the last paragraph was a total fail.

With things like, "That seemed a little over the top," and "... because it was not my intention," and "I think there are bigger issues than that."


And just because you have gay friends doesn't mean you're immune from people calling you homophobic.

There's no way I'm thanking him - he still doesn't get it.

shrink on the couch said...

Great blog. I'm over from feministgal. Will be back for more.

Miss Vicki said...

Well, YaY Jay Leno!

Next up let's get older than dirt John McCain on his show ---- oh yeaah!

Anonymous said...

Ah, love the "I have gay friends" line that Jay is using. /sarcasm

Glad to see him out to support gay marriage, but after his past behavior regarding queer issues I'm still not sold.

Anonymous said...

until that doozie of a last paragraph i was all ready to say "hey, that's a big improvement from the "gayest look" fiasco.

epic fail.

and people wanted to know why the poop i would put my picture on that.

now they know.

great blog!

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