Friday, August 1, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Friend of Dorothy"

Gay men used to have several codes and slangs to make their sexuality known to other potential gay men. One slang is "Friend of Dorothy" or FOD which was a way of asking a potential stranger if they were gay without risking violence or embarrassment if they weren't. The term originates from the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy was considered a gay icon because of her openness to people who were different.


Anonymous said...

My goodness! Another new one that I am hearing here FIRST! :) Love it!!!

Laurie said...

HA! I heard that once before and I can't
remember where or when.


Queers United said...

bridge - isn't it funny? i heard it first 2 years ago in my LGBT studies class and I broke out laughing. Those gays sure are creative!

laurie - i don't know how commonly used it is anymore, but i guess it isnt completely eliminated if you heard it =)

Anonymous said...

While not commonly used any longer, it does still show up on some cruise lines where there are FOD or Friends of Dorthy parties scheduled like there are Friends of Bill or Friends of Bill W. parties, which are for people who are in AA.

It does go back to the times of wearing certain color ties or handkerchief in a bar as a way to indicate your preference. That's one of the ways that Lavender became associated with gays.

Queers United said...

Its amazing how many handkerchief and color codes there are. Those gays sure are creative.

Anonymous said...

Well, also, it was more than Dorothy in Oz, being "open" to different "types." It is also because Judy, herself, was, is, and will forever be, so beloved, and iconic. She was talented, she suffered GREATLY because of her career; how many people realize that, AFTER Oz, when her career was booming, as a TEEN? they gave her UPPERS to make her lose weight? and DOWNERS to sleep? AS A TEEN! She was a victim of her success and of her studio. Those induced addictions were her eventual demise.

Oh, by the way, we olders also know another term...... (actually before my time!) Gay men would say "well, when I am at work I never drop a HAIRPIN!" (OR SOME VARIATION ON THAT!)

Love to all here, this is the best site!

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