Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Mass. Law Lets Out-of-State Gay Couples Marry

Fresh off the (Associated Press):

"Gay and lesbian couples from outside Massachusetts are now free to marry in the state.

Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a bill repealing a 1913 law that barred couples from marrying in Massachusetts if their union would not be valid in their own states.

Out-of-state gay couples will be able to marry immediately if a court waives the state's standard three-day waiting period for them.

Opponents had said repealing the law would make Massachusetts the "Las Vegas of gay marriage." But Patrick says the old law had its roots in racism as it was seen as a way of preventing interracial marriages.

The new law includes a provision waiving the customary 90-day waiting period for the change to go into effect."


CrackerLilo said...

You know, I'm still trying to digest that maybe Lucy won't take the football away from me and L'Ailee this time. We fell through the cracks legally before.

There's an award for you when you can come pick it up! :-)

Anonymous said...

It's about time! I mean, really what was the point to prohibit out of state gay couples from marrying there?!

Queers United said...

bridge it was a stupid law created in 1913 to bar interracial couples from marrying. it was left on the books even though it wasn't used till republican governor Mitt Romney decided to take advantage of the old law to bar gay couples. so sadly the law will go down in history as being racist as well as homophobic, just like Mr. Mitt Romney himself.

Ifra Yaseen said...

It is very nice to gone through this. I liked it very much.

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Queers United said...

ifra - it must have been a very exciting time, im jealous to not have been there.

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