Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Word of the Gay: "LUG"

"LUG" stands for Lesbian Until Graduation, the term is used to describe women who are of high school or college age and are experimenting with their sexuality or self-identify as lesbian or bisexual while they are in school. These women later go onto live and self-identify as heterosexuals.

The Bisexual community looks at this term as a form of Biphobia and that these women were never really lesbian to begin with, nor straight after school ended, but merely Bisexual and sexually fluid regardless of how they choose to self-identify.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of how they choose to self identify? WOW What a strange way of saying You can't be who you are! One of the things I love most about Queers United is OPEN dialogue and Hopefully Broad acceptance of others. When "groups" of people say things like this about "groups" of other people it truely speaks to our own phobias and prejudices. I have stated before in my posts that I personally have only been a "Kinsey6" queer man, but I TOTALLY respect the fluidity of anyone to choose their own "Self Identifications" and the fact thet people's gender identity as well as their sexual orientation may be fluid over time, thats something people need to respect if we are EVER to get past the "Control Constraints" that feed our phobias and prejudices. Don't love someone Less because of how they Self Identify! Look at it as an opportunity for you to grow and broaden your own acceptance level! Love Jofish

Queers United said...

Hey Jofish I totally agree that we should allow people to choose their own labels as opposed to dumping labels on others. My post was explaining how others sometimes do not like people who are classified as LUGS and explaining the term but it is not my right to say that LUGS are lesbian, bi, nor straight, I think it depends on the individual and the circumstance.

shrink on the couch said...

I would have guessed there are more BUGs - Bi Until Grad - who then go on to self-identify as Lesbian? I wonder what the stats are here?

Queers United said...

that would be interesting to find out. id imagine there are many who identify as bi at first as it is one step and then come out as gay/lesbian.

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