Friday, July 11, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Ex-Gay"

The "Ex-Gay" movement are people who claim to have once been LGBT and have converted their sexual orientation to straight or their gender identity to match their biological sex. Most so called "Ex-Gays" are driven by religious values that disparage homosexuality/transsexuality and regard it as sin. The "Ex-Gay" movement uses reparative therapy to try and "fix" LGBT people but it is a complete sham. The American Psychological Association and American Medical Association dismiss the notion that sexuality and gender identity can be changed and regard the practice as unscientific and dangerous to the mental well being of people.


Anonymous said...

It's a terrible shame that these people are made to feel bad about who they are, and then are brainwashed into repressing that side of themself *shakes head sadly*

Wonder Man said...

This is dangerous, I wish they can see the harm they are applying to themselves

Anonymous said...

The most disturbing aspect of the term "ex-gay" is that it pathologizes homosexuality. The term implies that a person has overcome a harmful behaviour.

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