Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mayor Jim Naugle Obsessed with Homosexuality Yet Again!

"Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle spoke with 850 WFTL in Fort Lauderdale yesterday. The outgoing mayor, well-known for his positions that gays are "unhappy", says he thinks a "responsible homosexual" could fill his seat: "He defined that as one who rejects the idea that it's OK to take over public parks for gay sex, and who would 'do something about the AIDS crisis here, recognizing promiscuous activity has a heavy cost on life and dollars.'"

The bigot ahem I mean mayor is leaving office shortly. Anyways, feel free to send him your thoughts (he usually replies to emails).


Queers United said...

So I have emailed him in the past and I emailed him again. I wasn't that serious but I just figured I'd send something, he replied!

Me: "I was wondering why you were so obsessed with homosexuality. Are you a closeted homosexual? There are resources to assist you with coming to terms with your sexual orientation.?"

Mayor Naugle: "If you were mayor and got the calls that I get from parents about what goes in our main childrens park, I would hope you would be concerned also."

Me: "I would be concerned if that were the case. However that is a fabrication due to your radical political agenda. The police department has time and time again said that this is not an issue. It happens from time to time but not at the alarming rate you try to scare people into believing."

Wonder Man said...

Maybe he is dealing with some issues

Queers United said...

There is no doubt in my mind that he has some issues.

New email reply from him:

"You are wrong. I do have the support of my city and have been elected 8 times because of my willingness to take on difficult problems like these. I can tell you that the parents that use the park know much more than the police and they agree with me. Are you a parent?"

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