Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Transvestite Showgirl Teams up with PETA

Legendary transvestite Lady Bunny sends a message out...

"I've always wanted to see my mug on a billboard--at least my fat country ass ain't selling KFC!

I've joined the PETA gang to send the message that while PETA isn't insisting that KFC stop serving chicken, it is strongly denouncing grisly procedures like de-beaking the birds while they are alive. EVERYONE I've mentioned this de-beaking to was repulsed--and this campaign seeks to spread the word."

Queers don't need Kentucky Fried Cruelty!


Charles CĂ©leste Hutchins said...

"Dirty little secrets" like genitals that are socially at odds with their clothing?

Peta's consistent sexism and now transphobia makes me want to stop being a vegetarian. I strongly suspect that they're funded by the meat industry t make vegans look bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Les. I'm always suspicious of PETA. They may think they're doing everybody good, and I totally support animal activists, but they always going about perpetuating some kind of prejudice with their campaigns.

Queers United said...

PETA takes the position that all attention is good attention. So they will do or say anything to get that attention. The true reason for being outrageous and flamboyant is so they can raise awareness about animal issues which sadly most people could care less about and so the only way to get it on the news is for PETA to be outrageous.

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