Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Queers Allowed to Rent at Rybolt Reserve

"The tidy palm lined streets and affordable homes of the Rybolt Reserve subdivision in suburban Orlando have become popular with middle class homebuyers and speculators but if you are a gay or unmarried opposite-sex couple the Homeowners Association has a message - don't bother to try to rent here according to some property owners.

Several owners say they have been told by the Association they cannot rent their properties in the East Orange County subdivision to couples who are not legally married or to same-sex pairs.
"The Homeowner's Association is totally out of control," Suzane Musashe, who leases homes in the subdivision for investors, told WFTV.

"I feel like I am back in the 60's because there is such discrimination going on," Musashe told the station. The prohibitions are listed in a set of rules passed by the HOA, which describes Rybolt Reserve as a family oriented community. Musahse said the strict rules are so limiting they will send some homeowners into foreclosure. "You can only rent to a married couple, that's it. That eliminates more than half your market," she told WFTV.

The HOA restrictions are legal. Orlando has an ordinance protecting same-sex couples who purchase homes, but not renters. County Commissioner Bill Segal told the station that he may introduce an ordinance to protect gay and lesbian couples who rent." (365gay)

Contact the Rybolt Reserves and Tell Them to Engage in Fair Housing Practice!


Stephen said...

this is where those wealthy gay men and women need to start buying in that subdivision, and refuse to rent to straights

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning, I was planning on retiring in Florida. Screw tham, I'll buy and spend elsewhere.

Queers United said...

stephen - you are so funny LOL

anonymous - Please email them and let them know they lost a potential customer!

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