Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tyra Banks a True Ally to the LGBT Community

I just watched an episode of The Tyra Banks Show featuring Transsexual models from the world famous Trantasia Trans beauty pageant documentary. In the words of one of the guests who thanked Tyra she said "thanks for not exploiting transsexuals but merely educating."

The Tyra Banks show has consistently portrayed Bisexual, Transgender, Gay and Lesbian people in a positive light and has done a lot for the visibility of our movement and to share our stories.

In that spirit please join me in thanking Tyra Banks for her commitment to sharing our stories and educating about the lives of LGBT people.

Email Tyra! (Tyra sends all who email a free autographed photo as a special thank-you gift)


Laurie said...

I like to watch Tyra Banks when
I remember she's on. She is such
a great person and so down to earth


m said...

It's so friggin cool to see TS/TG people portrayed in a tasteful/respectful way!

I LOVE Tyra for that!

Queers United said...

laurie - i agree i think Tyra is a really cool woman, id love to spend lunch with her.

ms - I agree its wonderful to see someone educating and not exploiting. Thanks for visiting my blog and best of luck on starting yours!

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