Friday, July 11, 2008

Dancing With the Gays?

The media rumors are flying that Lance Bass the openly gay singer from the pop music band N'Sync will be on the ABC hit show "Dancing with the Stars." To add to the twist, the show is considering pairing him up with a professional male dancer. This would be the first time a same-sex couple would be seen on the show dancing and would be broadcast to millions of homes across the globe.

Click Here for ABC's E-Contact Form - Tell Them You Want Gay Duo on Dancing with the Stars!

*Photo courtsey of pizzpancakes on Creative Commons.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you must revisit my site to check out the Fred Phelps BBQ caters the AFA picnic VIDEO. Woooeeeee.

Laurie said...

Well, that would be cool. Lance is
so cute.

(yes, Rosco is a black lab and that
is his pacifier. He's such a love.)


Queers United said...

aw i want to play with roscoe lol, im jealous, i dont have a doggie.

Anonymous said...

Let the "who will lead" bigot comments begin.

Queers United said...

I don't think asking who will lead is bigoted. It seems to be a legit question since the professional dances are all based on a male lead and female follower. I am not sure how that would be done with a same-sex partnering, maybe one will lead and maybe they will switch it up with dances?

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