Friday, July 25, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Heteroflexible"

"Heteroflexible" is synonymous with the term bi-curious and refers to someone who identifies primarily as heterosexual but is open minded and/or willing to be in a relationship and/or sexual activity with someone of the same-sex.

The term can but is not as frequently used for someone who identifies primarily as homosexual but is open to the concept of a sexual and/or emotional relationship with someone of the opposite sex.


Anonymous said...

I just finished Robert E Goss' book 'Queering Christ: Beyond Jesus Acted Up' werein he used this term as well as Homoflexible, Heteroridgity and Homoridgity.

I think the definition of these terms are self evident based on the use given above, so I won't comment further.

Unknown said...

I always defined this as a straight person who was willing to have sexual relations with members of the same sex, but didn't enter into relationships with them.

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