Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Help Ugandan Gay Man Gain Asylum

UPDATE: Mr. Nyombi was scheduled for deportation this past Sunday and refused to board a plane to Uganda. Officials allowed him to refuse boarding the plane. Currently he is being held in the airport, which gives us activists and legal groups more time to demand justice for him. Please continue to urge for his asylum to be granted.

We have two asylum granting cases in the U.K. dealing with a gay man (John Bosco) and a lesbian (Prossy Kakooza) who face a return to Uganda where they will likely be killed due to their sexual orientation. The U.K. has decided not to grant asylum to these two individuals, posing a serious threat to their security. Please ensure their asylum in the U.K. Please immediately contact the Minister of State for Borders and Immigration within the Home Office about granting asylum to both John Bosco Nyombi and to Prossy Kakooza.

Write to Liam Byrne, the Minister of State for Borders and Immigration within the Home Office Privateoffice.external@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk (Please ensure you put FAO Liam Byrne, Minister in the subject line)

Petition to stop deportation:


Laurie said...

Man, they haven't done anything wrong. Why
won't they help them! I wish that I could
bring them here and take them in. UGH!!!
I need the winning lotto numbers!!!!


Anonymous said...





Queers United said...

aww laurie you are sweet

Anonymous said...

There is a growing online campaign for John - please sign the petition
at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/john-bosco-nyombi/signatures.html

The growing support for John has won him a temporary reprieve and the more people who sign the petition the better.


Queers United said...

Ali thank you so much and I am glad to hear he was granted reprieve. I will update the entry so the petition is on it.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Good grief! With all the actual crime going on in both Uganda and Britain, it's really infuriating to hear that the pinheads in charge are spending the people's resources to harass individuals for their sexual orientation. A pox on both their houses! (Not the individuals', the governments'.)

planet trans said...

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people in Uganda face homicide directed by Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni and protested by Amnesty International. Bishop Eria Paul of the Uganda's Anglican Mukono diocese has urged the government of Uganda to keep homosexuality illegal. Both of these people honor and sponsor state and religious sponsored homicide. How can a government proclaiming to be a defender of freedom send people to their death? Please do not deport John Bosco Nyombi to Uganda.

Anonymous said...

ive known john years hes a domiond, and dont deserve this , love u john god bless

Anonymous said...

John's situation has suddenly become EXTREMELY urgent. Please go to


for details. You can details about how to email John's MP and I urge you to do so. Please also show John and his friends support by signing the guest book or leaving a comment on the blog.

John is scared - his friends are scared for him. Please, Please help us. Every little bit makes a difference. Thank you!

Ali x

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