Monday, December 22, 2008

Call on President-elect Obama to Restore Our Trust and take Real Action on Equality!

The Presidential Inaugural Committee may not change their minds on Rev. Warren but President-elect Obama can turn the corner on this controversy by officially committing to HRC's Blueprint for Positive Change – a concrete plan for LGBT equality.

HRC's Blueprint for Positive Change calls on President-elect Obama to:

  • Issue an Executive Order within the first 100 days that reaffirms protections for federal workers based on sexual orientation and expands them to also include gender identity;
  • Work with Congress to sign Hate Crimes legislation into law within 6 months;
  • Support only a fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA);
  • In the first 100 days develop a plan to begin the process of eliminating the failed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy; and
  • Work with Congress to end unequal tax treatment of domestic partnerships benefits.
Take action NOW and send a powerful message via this HRC form to the incoming Obama Administration!


Anonymous said...

I know this is hard to take but the truth is Obama will do nothing for us. I also do not expect an end to the war in Iraq. The progressive movement will be greatly disappointed in this new president. Change will not come from Obama, his history doesn't show anything indicating he will achieve any change. Sorry..

elaygee said...

Let's let him save the country from turning into a bad impression of the Weimar Republic from the 1920's first.

Anonymous said...

I voted Nader! :)

Anonymous said...

I could only hope to believe that Obama will actually be a man of his word... so many believe he will do nothing for LGBT rights. Is this pessimism or realism?

Anonymous said...

Likewise, bridgeout. Likewise.

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