Saturday, December 20, 2008

Equality Camp - San Francisco Jan 3rd 2009!

What is EqualityCamp?

EqualityCamp will begin to plan Marriage Equality 2.0 so that all Americans and their families are treated equally under the law.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Citizen Space, 425 2nd Street, 3rd floor, San Francisco, CA 94107

What is EqualityCamp’s goal?

• An inclusive, inspiring, integrated (web and on-the-ground) movement…

• with a clear, central gathering place online…

• with feedback loops to empower a grassroots movement that integrate with any formal campaign.

Who will attend?

Anyone who wants to help achieve the goal. From web 2.0 leaders to people who only use the Net for email, from gay/lesbian/bi/trans/queer citizens who want their full equality to straight allies. People we haven’t yet thought of. You.

Proposed Sessions

• Kicking some Digital Ass(ets): Effective ways to use some powerful tools (will focus on video and some text-based) {Cathy Brooks}

• Marriage Equality - not a GAY issue: Avoiding stridency and reaching out to non-gay supporters {Cathy Brooks}

• How we are gay the way Obama is black: being comfortable in your own skin, gay or otherwise, {Heather Gold}

• Netroots organizing techniques {Adina Levin}

• Connections between netroots organizing and other community organizing

• Obama’s secret sauce, social networking & voter file tools {Dan Ancona} …

For more info check out the official page of Equality Camp.

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Neil said...

How do I get involved in a NY Camp?

Queers United said...

Well there is none that I am aware of in NY at the moment, although there was a camp equality in NY a few months ago, I am sure HRC will hold another.

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