Monday, December 22, 2008

"Project Runway's" Tim Gunn Exposes Fashion Cruelty in New PETA Video

Openly gay Tim Gunn of Project Runaway says "fur is from the past, from another era".

Gunn wants you, the consumer, to know what animals endure in the name of fashion so that you can make informed decisions before buying clothing and accessories made from fur, wool, and leather.

This is not the first of queer people standing up against animal cruelty, the intersection between queer and animal liberation is alive and well.


Unknown said...

Shouldn't we be more worried about our rights than animal rights?

After all, Prop 2 in CA passed, giving chickens more rights, but Prop 8 also passed taking away our civil rights.

Queers United said...

We should be concerned with all rights.

Chickens do not have more rights than gays - gays are not being debeaked, scalded alive in feather removal tanks, and being murdered for consumption.

Check out this post I made earlier - Welcome to California Where Chickens Have More Rights Than Me

Ily said...

Ahh, I love Tim Gunn, he's fabulous. I can't believe fashion mags are still advertising fur, it's medieval.
And I agree, QU, rights shouldn't be an either-or thing.

Queers United said...

Ily sadly it seems fur is making a comeback, its outrageous that 65 dead animals on a person can be considered appealing. It's barbaric, compassion is the fashion :)

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