Monday, December 22, 2008

Tammy Baldwin, Take Your Name Off that List!

CBS News is reporting that lesbian legislator Tammy Baldwin is an Honorary Inaugural Co-Chair. And the press will not be slow to see Baldwin’s inclusion as an endorsement of Warren and as a buffer to criticism against the President-Elect.

Clearly this is but another token of valueless “inclusion” like the marching band. Gays can have a silent and distant honorary place at the table, but the head seat goes to the guy who will “not tolerate” us and thinks we have no human rights and writes tributes to those who seek to imprison us.

Openly gay Barney Frank has already taken a stand. Now it’s time for Tammy Baldwin to show whether she truly cares about the community. It’s time that she decide, is she on the side of that tomboy in Wisconsin who is being told that she’s an abomination, or does she want to be part of the Obama Nation? Does she want to protect the vulnerable, or does she want to win points with the powerful?

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Anonymous said...

I hope she does not allow herself to be used. We have all been used enough.

Anonymous said...

Tokenism sucks! :(

Anonymous said...

Ugh, calm down friends!

Warren isn't making policy by saying a prayer WITH the "Dean" of the Civil Rights Movement who is FOR gay marriage.

I have no doubts Obama will enact legislation and policy that are good for LGBTs - rights, healthcare, etc....

Save the rage and the wig flipping for when he screws up POLICY.

Anonymous said...

You may disagree with Tammy on this, but let's not pretend that this is ONE issue that will prove or disprove her agenda. There's plenty of reasons for her to stay at the table and remain visible.

"It’s time that she decide, is she on the side of that tomboy in Wisconsin who is being told that she’s an abomination, or does she want to be part of the Obama Nation?" This kind of ultimatum is not part of the solution. Make a reasoned argument for her to step aside - don't just proclaim that if she doesn't, she's a traitor.

Anonymous said...

GLAAD has vids of interviews that Kay Warren did last year where she admitts that they didn't care about AIDS when they thought it was just a "gay disease"...

Fox News: Hannity & Colmes - Warrens Address AIDS

12.20.07 09:00 pm - Pastor Rick and Kay Warren talk about their work with AIDS and Kay says, “I thought it was a gay disease. And for me I thought that meant I didn’t have to care. And I was so wrong.”

ABC: Nightline - Kay Warren on AIDS

12.14.07 11:42 pm - Kay Warren, wife of pastor Rick Warren, admits she did not respond to the AIDS crisis immediately because it “was tied with homosexuality,” but now says all people with HIV/AIDS should be treated with compassion.

Anonymous said...

We don't have to agree with Warren, but in the spirit of tolerance that we all want to receive, he should be allowed to participate. It's not like Obama chose his for a cabinet post. He's just saying a prayer. Let's be angry over things that really the fact that I can't marry my foreign partner who therefore can't remain in this country because of the discriminatory laws. There are bigger fish to fry!

Back Alley Hagiographer said...

Jim Pickett, the policy standard of qualifying the Obama machine can pretty much be met with the way Prop 8 was handled and how debate questions were handled. It's not policy but there was certainly campaigning on one side of the line in the sand and that position should be held accountable after primary/election day.

Anonymous said...

Well why shouldn't Obama put Rick Warren in his Cabinet? He's got two other Republicans there! Wake up, folks. "Ya' been bamboozled, hoodwinked!" Instead of landing at the Cabinet Table, the Cabinet Table landed on us! Don't forget that 70% of African Americans voted against gay marriage. Write and phone and tell them you're going to keep your money next election cycle or send it elsewhere. The Greens or the Republicans or the Libertarians - I don't care which. We cannot stand for this any longer. We can't even get a seat at the back of the bus, because we just got thrown under it. Now is the true test of who is in politics for politics' sake and who really cares. Tammy, where do you stand and who do you stand with?

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