Tuesday, December 16, 2008

United We Blog!

The LGBT Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative recently took place in Washington D.C.

"Bloggers listened intently as their more veteran peers instructed them in the art of "blog swarms," "astro-turfing" and "cross-posting.

Bloggers, said one, can enable a minor event to "take on a whole new life" in the mainstream media by spreading news about it across 10 or 15 different blogs (the "blog swarm"). Lone bloggers can acquire the clout of large groups by assuming a moniker that makes them appear to be a "national" entity when, in fact, they are "a fake grassroots organization" ("astro-turfing"). And bloggers can increase readership for their views by posting them not just on their own sites but on other, more widely read, sites ("cross-posting").

Blogs, said Mike Rogers, organizer of the summit, can be used to "drag people out of the closet" and persuade a corporation that has donated to an anti-gay cause to make amends to the LGBT community" (Pride Source).

I found this article to be very empowering, individual blogs can make a difference but as a collective voice we represent thousands upon thousands of people. We make up a core constituency if we unite, that was always my goal with Queers United. I hope that we can band together for various action alerts we put out and make sure to heed each call. Sending an email, calling, signing a petition, writing to your elected representative make a huge difference. Every vote counts, and so does every voice, so please join me in being an agent of change.


Jenime said...

I'm here to help, any time, any where!

Queers United said...

Rock on Jenime, btw I love your LGR videos.

Queers United said...

scan sadly I wasn't present, but I hear it was great, hopefully next time!

Unknown said...

Oooh I wish I could have been there! I agree - United We Blog!

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