Thursday, December 18, 2008

Urban Outfitters Not Down With SSM T-Shirts

UPDATE: I received this email from Urban Outfitters.

The charges that we discontinued the t-shirt because of pressure from proponents of Proposition 8 are false. We’re a company that has always embraced diversity. In fact our designers are currently working on a t-shirt in support of same sex marriage. Proceeds from its sales will be donated to a legal fund supporting the civil rights of the gay and lesbian community. If you require additional assistance, please feel free to email us at

Ana Pressley
Urban Outfitters Customer Service
Well, I don't know if the pulling of the shirt was related to proposition 8 or not, but I do see it as suspicious. Nonetheless thanks for taking action, it seems they are hearing us out and that good may come out of this fiasco.

12/13/08: The trendy clothing retailer Urban Outfitters pulled a T-shirt with a pro-marriage equality message within days of the item first appearing in stores and at the company’s web site.

A buyer for Urban Outfitters told shirt deigner Tara Littman of Supprt Shirts that the item had garnered "too much bad press," although New York Magazine said that Littman, looking into the matter for herself, was able to identify only one blog item as expressing a negative opinion about the shirt. (Wicked Gay Blog)

Interesting to note, Good as You has posted an image showing an impartial list of CEO Richard Hayne's campaign contributions.

Next on the queer boycott list? "We report, you decide" ;)
Urban Outfitters E-Contact Form.
Customer Service (800) 959-8794


libhom said...

There are other reasons to avoid Urban Outfitters. They imitate cool small shops and drive them out of business.

I don't shop there.

T. R Xands said...

I'm with Libhom, we should all already be boycotting Urban Outfitters anyway (if only because damn their clothes make me cry). Just throw this on the long list!

Anonymous said...

Urban Outfitters just made it on my list to avoid....added to buy is Newsweek, everyone should be going out and buying the latest. Hope to see a QU report on it here soon too.

Queers United said...

Jude I do have a Newsweek post coming out shortly, encouraging people to thank the Editor.

Anonymous said...

Urban Outfitters was always too hipster for me anyway.

D Droppa said...

Urban Outfitters isn't that bad. But I think their boutique-wannabe-retro-shirts are over-priced. I am poor, and the store looks like it has clothes for people like me. The funny thing is, it has EXPENSIVE SHIT, and just makes rich people look like me.

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