Friday, March 20, 2009

Equality and Religious Freedom Act (Omnibus Bill)

eQualityGiving has come out with a blueprint for full federal rights for LGBT people. They have done the preparation and are asking us to call on our representatives to look at it and possibly introduce such a bill in the house and senate.


1. Employment
2. Housing
3. Public accommodation
4. Public facilities
5. Credit
6. Federally funded programs and activities
7. Education
8. Disability
9. Civil marriage
10. Hate crimes
11. Armed forces
12. Immigration

Some people think that an omnibus bill is too unrealistic to pursue because Congress functions in a very complex way. But the country voted for a new leader who promised major changes to the way our government functions.

We have tried incrementalism at the federal level for LGBT equality for 35 years without any results. Now is the best time to capitalize on the energy of new leadership and propose what we think change looks like.

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