Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Union Bar Reaches Agreement with GLBT Community

Representatives from Union Bar and Lounge met with leaders from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community Monday after it was reported gays were denied entrance. They reached a resolution that actions that led to the perception of discrimination were unintended.

“Due to a miscommunication between management of Union Bar and Lounge and the door staff, we acknowledge that actions by the door staff caused an unintended perception of discriminatory actions towards the gay and lesbian community. We wholeheartedly did not want or intend for this to happen. We also acknowledge that this unintended action caused hurt and bad feeling within the gay and lesbian community towards Union Bar and it staff. We also extend this apology to all of our regular gay and lesbian customers who may have been hurt by this misunderstanding.”

“We deeply appreciate Union Bar and Lounge coming to us to clear up this incident,” said Kris Banks, president of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus. “We accept Union Bar’s explanation that miscommunication was at the heart of the problem. We understand that there was no discriminatory intent, but circumstances led to a strong perception that we were excluded because of our sexual orientation.’

“Our community is sensitive to discrimination, an understandable sentiment given the unfinished nature of our civil rights movement. Discrimination still exists, and should be addressed with legislation like House Bill 2215. We were happy to hear that the owners of Union Bar and Lounge are supporters of this legislation 100%."

“We are happy for resolution and call for the GLBT community to move on and continue working for equality. We urge the community to cease negative bombardment, especially highly inappropriate harassment and threats.”

The Union Bar and Lounge will continue to work with the GLBT community and intends to hold a fundraiser in the near future.

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planet trans said...

Thanks for picking this one up! I got a call from a dear ally who was a key player in the successful Crews Inn protest. He told me that some allies who had been at the Houston Black Tie protest were being discriminated against in Houston. Allies, allies and more allies. That'll work!

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