Friday, March 13, 2009

Petition to Protest Oxfordshire PCT’s Rrefusal to Fund Core Surgical Procedures

Oxfordshire PCT has been operating what amounts to a blanket funding ban of core surgical procedures for gender dysphoria treatment. Since December 2006, one patient has been granted GRS, but only after taking legal action. The policy is due to be reviewed later this month due to a report on the failure of treatment for trans people.

Whilst Oxfordshire PCT is now reviewing its policy in the light of the submitted report, PFC would encourage everyone in the community to demonstrate their total support of the Oxford Four and assist the understanding of Oxfordshire PCT - gender dysphoria if left untreated or part treated is not only life threatening but utterly debilitating and prevents trans people that need treatment from functioning as equal, healthy members of society.

Please show your support and sign this petition requesting that Oxfordshire PCT addresses the inconsistencies in its gender dysphoria policy.

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Anonymous said...

I signed the petition, and will hope for change in Oxfordshire PCT's policies.

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