Friday, March 13, 2009

Tyra Banks Renews LGBT Ally Vows?

This year has been a bumpy road for the LGBT community with regards to the Tyra Banks Show. While, many of us "gays still love Tyra, and Tyra loves the gays" there have been a few shows that have struck nerves such as the bi-phobic, and "ex-gay" ones along with those who "hate being gay"

Tyra Banks has been praised on this blog in the past as being an LGBT ally and with this upcoming show it is our sincere hope that this will unfold a new leaf in the shows representations of LGBT people, and no longer pander for shock value nor ratings when it comes to compromising our stories.


Are you a transgender teen or young adult who was inspired by Isis, the transgender woman who appeared on “America's Next Top Model” during Cycle 11? Did Isis inspire you to come out as transgender to yourself, your family, your friends or to the entire world? Did Isis' success encourage you to pursue a modeling career or otherwise reach for a dream that you once thought was unachievable? If you are a transgender young woman who was inspired to change your life by Top Model's Isis. (Tyra Show)
Please thank Tyra for this show which seeks to be a positive portrayal and inspiration for transgender folks, and encourage her to continue on this path.

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Unknown said...

Give me free air tickets to the show and I'd happilly tell you a story. Actually Im all over the internet, I understand why Im not of interest at 62. Married twice One of each.


Pauline Overby

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