Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank Florida Governor Crist for Supreme Court Appointment

With his fourth and possibly final appointment to the Florida Supreme Court, Governor Charlie Crist has lived up to his promise to appoint more diverse Justices.

In appointing James Perry, an African-American judge from Seminole County, Gov. Crist resisted intense pressure from extreme-right groups who saw the vacancy as an opportunity to stack the court with ultra-conservative ideologues.

Send a note to thank Gov. Crist for keeping his promise and appointing a more diverse Florida Supreme Court.

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Anonymous said...

Long after my divorce was final my ex kept dragging me into court in an attempt to further extort me and make it impossible to see my children. Judge Perry became the third judge involved in the case. He was the only one who figured out her nasty games and saw through her wild and groundless accusations. He calmly called her out on them and refused to let her have her way. I have the utmost respect for Judge Perry's wisdom and am pleased and proud that he was appointed to the Florida Supreme Court.

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