Thursday, March 19, 2009

Knights Out - Westpoint LGBT Alumni Group Unveils

A courageous group of alumni from the military academy West Point have come out of the closet and formed an organization called Knights Out to support and advocate on behalf of GLBT soldiers.

The group’s activities and goals will include:

  • Financially supporting and providing speakers for AOG and West Point efforts to educate cadets and graduates in sexual diversity
  • Providing a web-based forum ( ) for furthering discourse on this topic among Army leaders
  • Participating in West Point AOG’s upcoming (annual) Diversity Leadership Conference
  • Providing LGBT graduates who have been disenfranchised in the past with a way to reconnect to the AOG
  • Establishing a Knights Out affinity group through the Association of Graduates
  • Serving as positive role models to cadets and graduates
To learn more and to find out how you support their efforts goto Knights Out.

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