Friday, March 20, 2009

Vermont Marriage Bill Headed for Senate!

The Senate Judiciary Committee in Vermont has approved the same-sex marriage bill S.115 by a 5-0 margin. The bill is expected to come before the entire senate for a vote on Monday 3/23 at 3:00PM.

This is our last opportunity to voice our support for the measure before the senate is set to vote on the matter.

Whether you have done so in the past or not, please call and email your state senator to vote in favor of the resolution by going to


Anonymous said...

AH!!! This is so exciting! VT. is so lovely! They deserve it! My lady and I have a VT. civil union

Anonymous said...

If gays get marriage, then I want a separately defined biblical covenant marriage, we could call it Covenant Bond. Otherwise you have taken away my identity as a married person, now if I say I am married it will be unknown as to what I am married to. After all you wouldn't want to discriminate against me would you?

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